Purpose of web portal

This web portal is designed to help disseminate information on Private Sector Extension Service Providers (PSESPs) in Ghana. The information is gathered and managed by the Private Sector Extension Service Providers Desk of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension Service under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Ghana’s agricultural sector is made up mainly of smallholder farmers who are disadvantaged in accessing inputs, credit, extension services and markets for their produce. The involvement of the private sector actors has the potential of strengthening farmers bargaining power in the market place, and ensuring equity and a cost-effective extension service delivery system. Group formation also has the potential of facilitating the dissemination of information on agricultural technologies and best farming practices that are environmentally friendly.

One of the key objectives under the Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy (FASDEP11) as well as the Extension Policy of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) recognizes the need to deliver services through the collaboration of the private sector and farmer groups as a strategy for ensuring cost effectiveness in services delivery to small scale farmers. Establishing a database on private extension service providers would make these actors visible to each other, the international audience and also positively impact on their welfare in the market and social-political arena.

The establishment of the website will ensure a stable, up and running platform that showcases what these stakeholders do and who they interact with and present the opportunity for a wide range of people to view the data in a variety of ways.

This platform will further serve as a conduit for information sharing among these actors, and build a network of expertise for future collaborations and harmonization of efforts.

We are also hoping to bring private extension service providers and farmers closer to understand the way and manner in which they can fully utilize this important resource.