Boosting Agriculture In Ghana

Agriculture is Ghana'smost important economic sector, the country produces a variety of crops in various climatic zones which range from dry savanna to wet forest and which run in east west bands across the country. Agricultural crops, including yams, grains, cocoa, oil palms, kola nuts, and timber. Ghana’s Growth and Poverty Reduction relies on agriculture as an engine of growth to lead the country into a middle income status.

Ghana needs to continue with the improvement of the agriculture sector and this must be something that the country is prepared for.When I say that the agricultural sector has increased in recent years it means that it has contributed much to the Gross Domestic Product in the country. Statistics and report by the CIA shows that the Ghanaian agriculture sector is doing tremendously well. From the report with GDP composition by sectors agriculture stand tall with 37.3%, and for the labor force of the country agriculture again stands with 56%. All these shows an increment in the production of agricultural products and the improvement in the agricultural sector. The question right is that if all these are facts of the agricultural sector, why is it that the ordinary Ghanaian can have a feel of it? Why is the economy the way it is? These questions can be answered by doing the following;

First and foremost the government must make sure that there is internal production of food and other agricultural products and
not only that the foods that are produced in the country must have stable price so that the poorest in the country can afford the manageable square meal a day. Stabilization of food in the country will not only make it affordable but also it will bring down the stress in the economy that make the ordinary man think that the economy is bad or the government is a failure.

Also the government must also make sure that after stabilizing the prices of foods and internal production of agricultural products in the country, it must further go on to make sure that the salary of the citizens that goes into food must be very minimal. The government can  this by making sure that the prices of goods are very minimal and also should
be stabilize.

The least thing a country can do to ensure the security of the people or the citizens as well as the country is by controlling the production of food within the country, the government can ensure this by first investing in the production sectors and also make sure that the institutions that are to see to the production are effective and efficient. Legislation of laws to regulate the sector is the best way to ensure the security of the farmers and the agriculturalist. Ghana is blessed with different agricultural products and the government must make sure that it gives equal attention to every crop or products, the agricultural sector must be given the maximum attention since it is the backbone of the country

Ghana must learn to be processors of theagricultural product and not the producers of the raw products alone. The government must ensure that the processing industries are revived and effectiveonce again so that most of the country’s agricultural products are processedinternally before exportation or consumed internally. Technical and financial assistance must be given to the agricultural producers of farmers so that theyare able to produce enough products within the shortest possible time.

Developing the agriculture sector in the country isthe major responsibility of the every government and any government who is ableto do that to produce the best result will always have a popular legitimatefrom the citizens.

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