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Name Service(s) provided Region Operating district(s)
Rural Front Alliance Promotion of Non- traditional Agriculture as Alternative livelihood WESTERN Juaboso
IITA Training on Cocoa production WESTERN Juaboso
Rain Forest Alliance Cocoa Extension, Alternate Livelihood Initiatives WESTERN Bia East
Soldiers of the Environment Forest conservation/ Alternative livelihood WESTERN Bia East
Cocoa conservation Association Cocoa extension Training Alternative livelihood WESTERN Bia East
W. Kwame Gyasi Company Limited Training, supply of equipment and breeding stock, Purchase produce from farmers. WESTERN Sefwi Wiawso
Project Planning and Management Network (PROMAG) Promotion of cocoa production WESTERN Sefwi Wiawso
ACD- VOCA Promotion of Farm Insurance Cover for Farmers WESTERN Sefwi Wiawso
SCHIMPS Cocoa child labour issues and seedling production WESTERN Wassa East
Mondelez Cocoalife Training of farmers in cocoa production and management, Facilitating the Sales of Cocoa Beans WESTERN Wassa East
World Vision Ghana Training of farmers in all crops and livestock production and management WESTERN Wasa East
Cocoa Abrabopa Promote Cocoa Extension WESTERN Manso Amenfi
IUCN Training of Farmers on Forest Governance, Training in Advocacy for CREAMA Members WESTERN Amenfi Central, Amenfi West
SAMATEX Support farmers with startups. eg bee hives, tree seedlings WESTERN Amenfi West, Amenfi Central
INTERNATIONAL COCOA INITIATIVE/ ILO Support farmers with startups, Link farmers and homemakers in IBSSI, Give training on child labour and child protection, Train farmers on Good Agricultural Practices, Support Farm Families on Additional Income Generating Activities, Withdraws Children in Child Labour and put them in Schools WESTERN Amenfi West, Amenfi Central
Global Response Initiation Alternative livelihood WESTERN Amenfi West, Amenfi Central
CODISOL Network Environment and Integrated Crop Pest Management WESTERN Amenfi West, Amenfi Central
WASPOS Water Matter Awareness creation on alternative livelihood WESTERN Amenfi Central
Peace Ghana Poverty Eradication, Community Empowerment, Agricultural Extension Services WESTERN Amenfi Central
Adwumapa Promote Good agricultural practice Establishment of Cocoa Nursery WESTERN Amenfi Central
COSPE Train Assembly Staff on Water and Sanitation WESTERN Nzema East, Ellembele District, Jomoro District
Foundation for Development of People Farmer Training, Study Tours, Field demos Training of skills for small & micro business WESTERN Nzema East, Ellembele District, Jomoro District
COCOA ABRABOPA Give inputs on credit to cocoa farmers, Render advisory extension services to cocoa farmers, Build capacity of cocoa farmers and issue them certificates of participation WESTERN Enchi, Boinso
Gender Brainstorm Foundation Capacity Building in Agriculture and Gender Issues, Community Development Planning, Community Education on Decentralized Planning and Democracy WESTERN Suaman District
WiLDAF General extension/women empowerment WESTERN Ellembele District